GDX Project Utils v0.2.0 (en)

I have updated my tool gdx-project-utils to version 0.2.0.



  • It allows to export spritesheets generated with Aseprite to PLIST format used by cocos2d-x.
  • It uses Nimbus look and feel.
  • Bugs fixed.


On this video of a previous version you can see an example of export from Aseprite to atlas used by libGDX.


Click here to download the app. You need Java to run it.

4 comentarios en «GDX Project Utils v0.2.0 (en)»

  1. Hi,
    Nice tool but to really be useful, it should be usable on the commandline, so that a sprite conversion can be automated with Maven or Gradle. Also, if the sourcecode was available, others like me could help implement such features…


      • That is great news. You can create private repos on Github, and give access only to select people. I am a Github user myself and would gladly support you in setting up your source repo. I could run test builds, help on documentation etc.

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