The Best Ninja

Night in Japan. Full moon. A new ninja has to climb the ninja tower as high as he can, avoiding the hitting hammers of the master ninjas.


Main features

  • Retro look with pixel graphics
  • Japanese environment
  • Simple controls
  • Connected with Game Center / Play Game Services
  • Leaderboards
  • Achievements

Game system

The ninja needs to jump and jump up in the tower, avoiding to jump on the place occupied by a master ninja. On that case, the master ninja will beat to the novice ninja with a big hammer and the novice ninja will fall to the ground.


Touch left side of screen to jump to left, right side to jump to right.


You get a coin for every successful jump you do.

Master Ninjas

The master ninjas are waiting for beat you with its big hammers. If they achieve it, you will fall to the ground.


If time runs out, the branch you are over will break and you will fall to the ground.


The game is available for iOS and Android devices. You can access each version on the Downloads section on this page.


As sole developer, your feedback is very important for me. I really thank you if you download my game and rate it on the app store. That help me a lot to continue making games.