Rainbow Diamonds

Rainbow Diamonds is a 2D platform game entirely made by a sole developer. It pretends to be a tribute to the classic platform games of the 8 and 16 bits era. Be amazed by the big pixels of this game!


Main features

  • Retro look with pixel graphics
  • 4 planets with different aesthetics, enviroments, objects, ...
  • 40 stages (10 in each planet)
  • Multiple enemies
  • Power ups
  • Platform classic game system

Game system

The basics of the game system is similar to many other platform games. Move around the world and the unique action you can do is jumping.


Collect all the diamonds on the stage. This will activate the rainbow teleport that let's you go to the next stage.


When the teleport is activated, achieve it to go to the next stage!


Jump over enemies to kill them.

Power Balls

Collect so many power balls as you can. Once you have collected 50 power balls, the player gets an extra of speed and jump force. On this state, the energy of the power balls will going consumed. When all the energy is consumed, the player will return to its normal state.

Power ups

Improve the player features collecting the power ups balls you can find around the screen.


The game is available for iOS, Android and FireOS devices. You can access each version on the Downloads section on this page.


As sole developer, your feedback is very important for me. I really thank you if you download my game and rate it on the app store. That help me a lot to continue making games.